LT, Psychotherapy Client

“Having had a number of sessions with a counsellor who turned out to be not a very ‘good fit’, changing to someone else was a real concern.  As well as having to restart the while process again, there was also the possibility that the next person was again, not going to not work well for me.

However, with Lucy, I think we covered more ground in our first session than I had done in four sessions with my previous counsellor!  

Sessions with Lucy are both engaging and challenging, all set within Lucy’s ability to make you feel relaxed and safe.  I was amazed at the speed and ease to which Lucy understood me, my personality and my issues and it clear in terms of progress, the advantages that this has.

Whilst providing for a very comfortable and totally non-judgemental setting, Lucy is not afraid to interrogate or press for the more awkward answers when needed, which is an important part of the process and is done sensitively and thoughtfully.”

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