Stress Management Therapy: Bespoke Solutions for Dealing with Stress

We’re all familiar with stress. This unpleasant feeling is the body’s natural response to situations that we can’t control, that put pressure on us or spark intense emotions. Anything that causes discomfort can lead to feelings of stress. 

But sometimes, your stress levels can get out of hand.

Get the Help You Need with Our Stress Management Therapy

At Happy As Larry Group, we know the devastating effect that stress can have on your life. That’s why we offer bespoke solutions for stress management. 

Using a combination of coaching and therapeutic and mindfulness techniques, we’ll help you increase your emotional intelligence. You’ll learn to manage and reduce stress in your life and control your emotions and reactions to stressful situations.

Your stress management journey will usually start with talking therapy with Lucy, our warm and friendly qualified psychotherapist, who will help you talk through your struggles, express your feelings and restore mental clarity.

With Lucy’s help, you can explore the stress factors in your life, consider ways to eliminate them and reflect on any patterns of thought or behaviour that might be keeping you in an unhealthy cycle of stress.

You’ll also learn effective strategies and coping mechanisms for dealing with stress in a healthy way, as well as implement mindset and lifestyle changes that will relieve stress and help you feel healthier and happier.

Lucy will be there for you as long as you want her support and guidance. You can continue to work with her long-term to gain deep and valuable insights into your thoughts, feelings and mental health, and work through the many layers we all have as humans. You can benefit from her unique integrative approach that has proved successful with many clients over several months or even many years. Or if you’d prefer short term or brief counselling, that’s completely fine too — these are your psychotherapy sessions and ultimately, you’re in the driver’s seat of your wellbeing journey.

Our Success Stories

We’re proud to share the stories of  people who have worked with us to transform their lives. Maybe you’ll be our next success story…

Wellbeing Coaching for Stress Management: Our Holistic Approach to Dealing with Stress

Our psychotherapy sessions alone can make a huge difference in how you deal with stress and, by extension, its effect on your mental health. But stress is also tied to your overall wellbeing, so when you feel stressed, you’re less likely to prioritise taking care of your basic needs, and neglecting self-care is only going to increase your stress levels. It’s a vicious cycle that requires a holistic approach. 

So as well as talking therapy, we also offer wellbeing coaching for stress management through our popular research-based “Stages to Fulfillment” programme, which is tailored to your needs to help you improve your overall wellbeing and happiness or work on a one to one basis with Alex, our life coach to help build confidence, set new goals and increase your overall self esteem.

You’ll work with a number of our wellbeing coaches, from our fitness coach Kev to Carly, our yoga instructor, and Alex, a qualified and motivating wellbeing coach and the co-founder of Happy As Larry Group. Together, we’ll help you improve both your mental and physical wellness and tackle stress in the process. This might involve mindfulness, nutrition or fitness coaching, depending on your personal goals.

Through mindfulness coaching, we’ll increase your self-awareness, improve your mental focus and clarity and teach you to pause before reacting to stressful situations. This can reduce your stress levels and equip you to cope with difficult situations when they arise. We’ll also support you in making healthy lifestyle choices, including eating well, keeping active and taking care of your basic needs. The result? A healthy lifestyle will help you avoid behaviours and thought patterns that add more stress to your life.

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Dealing With Stress

Maybe you’re experiencing bereavement, going through a difficult time in your life such as divorce or unemployment, or facing a lot of stress factors in your work or personal life. Any number of experiences can cause you to become overwhelmed with feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you’re facing too many stress factors or finding it hard to cope with everyday life, something needs to change, as it rarely just goes away. In fact, stress can become progressively worse — it can build and build and start to wreak havoc with your health, happiness and overall wellbeing. It can stop you from functioning properly each day, cause mental health problems, contribute to addiction, disrupt your performance at work and even spill into your personal life and affect your relationships with loved ones.  

If you’re struggling to cope with high levels of stress, it’s time to seek help. 

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Life Coaching

Work with our life coaches to change your mindset and transform your lifestyle, say no to limiting beliefs, and unlock your potential. 

Health Insurance

Lucy is a recognised practitioner for a number of private health care providers. To access psychotherapy with Lucy covered by your private health care you will need to:

  1. Contact your provider and make them aware that you have chosen the practitioner you would like to receive treatment from, quoting Lucy Da Silva’s full name
  2. To enable the set up process to begin your treatment please ask for the following information (which you will need to pass on to us):
    Membership number or policy number
    If there is a scheme number
    Enquire whether there will be a number of sessions ready to use and if so how many in the first instance